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K92000 Dog Training

K92000 Dog Training

K92000 Dog Training

K92000 Dog Training

K92000 training classes are a fantastic way to improve dog handling skills and dog obedience. Involving reward based training and fun agility, the classes provide a relaxed learning environment for both you and your dog. Established for 18 years, it is now recognised as one of the North West's top obedience and agility centres.

As seen on Channel 4's The Dog Rescuers programme, Adrian and Caroline Slater both teach at the centre in Ormskirk offering puppy classes to elementary, advanced and display team. Adrian and Caroline are Kennel Club endorsed lecturers offering seminars at Crufts for the KCAI, where they offer advice on how to successfully run a dog training school. Adrian is also a well respected A Panel Kennel Club Judge in Field Trials.

Our classes are held weekdays and weekends and private lessons are available midweek. Check out our timetable below for times and pricing

Puppy Training Classes at K92000 are taught by both Adrian & Caroline Slater, highly professional dog trainers themselves with over 60 years of training experience between them.

Puppy Classes

Adrian and Caroline are both KCAI lecturers so you are therefore guaranteed highly professional instruction and advice in the comfort of a superb floodlight indoor arena with soft sand surface. The arena is fully enclosed safe and extremely spacious which is ideal for dog & puppy training classes, smaller venues we have found can inhibit and cause nervousness in some puppies.

Classes last for one hour. Please wear sensible footwear and clothing. We sell a selection of treats, dog food, training leads and collars at a shop on site, so you can purchase what you need when you attend your first class. We also offer an outdoor puppy class once a week on Saturdays, which gives a good balance in your puppies training programme.

We recommend at least one session per week. In our puppy classes we teach:

1. Focus around distraction and positive reinforcement
2. Socialisation which is all on training leads and incorporates obedience
3. Sit down & the importance of recall from an early age
4. Vet inspection and grooming
5. The Kennel Club Good Citizens Award Scheme
6. Fun Puppy obstacles & Tunnels

Our classes are highly informative, extremely professional and enjoyed by all our customers.

Advanced Classes

Once you have completed our puppy course and have established a good solid foundation we recommend you continue with your training and move into our advanced classes.

We offer three classes per week and an outdoor class, which we recommend for the balance in your training programme. Advanced classes offer:

1. Advancing the Sit /Down /Stand & Focus exercises
2. Recall off lead
3. Heel work
4. Agility
5. The Retrieve
6. Send-away
7. Advanced Socialisation

Classes are highly informative enjoyable and taught in a relaxed friendly manner.

Puppy Classes:

  • Mondays 7pm
  • Wednesdays 7pm
  • Saturdays 1pm Puppy/Novice class indoors

Advanced Classes:

  • Monday 8pm
  • Wednesday 8pm
K92000 Dog & Puppy Training Classes Liverpool, Southport & Ormskirk

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To all our customers
We appreciate and value your enquiry in relation to our dog training classes at K92000 however due to relocation all our classes will soon be going online.

Please check back in 2022 for a great line up of puppy elementary and advanced pet dog training

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